Cover of the 2020 WLA Yearbook

Advisor: Mrs. Emily Bilitz & Mrs. Laurel Papenfuss

The Yearbook Fee
2020-2021 Yearbook Cost: $50

Students can add a name stamp for $6 or icons for $4

How do I pay the yearbook fee?

Click here to purchase your Yearbook

Buy a Yearbook

When is the deadline for paying for the yearbook?
January 21

Portrait Orders

Your school portraits are ready to view and order!

Just follow these easy steps to look up your photos:

1. Go to

2. Type in your school

3. Click on “School portraits”

4. Enter your student’s information

Seniors Pictures
When are Seniors Photos due?
December 15

How do I submit a senior photo?

Community Upload

What are the requirements for the photo itself?
Portrait oriented (2in width, 3in height), high resolution (300dpi preferred)
Don’t break the dress code. Moderate dress.

Senior Baby Picture Messages

How do I submit a picture?

Community Upload

After you submit your photo on the website you can also send a message of 180 characters -with spaces – or less. (Example: Dear David, You have grown into a great Christian young man. God’s blessings in your studies of engineering. God is with you! Love, Mom, Dad, and Lisa) to Mrs. Emily Bilitz. Make sure to include the students name and the words BABY PICTURE in the message.

When is the deadline for submitting a baby picture message?
January 31

Other General
When are the Yearbooks Passed out?