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Several years ago, WLA initiated a strategic planning process that could help plan our future. It began with professionals from within our synod observing WLA and giving their advice, followed with a consulting firm who assisted in drafting up a facilities plan. WLA’s own Mission Advancement Committee has considered all recommendations and developed a comprehensive and living document (a roadmap, if you will) that will provide direction for WLA going forward. We believe this “roadmap” will ensure growth and sustain ability so that we may continue to serve our families, congregations, and communities in years to come.

Our Association students, both public and Lutheran elementary, along with their families face very real decisions and perhaps even financial sacrifice in order to send their children to WLA. It is for this reason that we created WLA 2020 – A Vision A Plan. This “Vision” is powered by action items with real deadlines, and with accountability for progress toward its goals. What is presented on the pages that follow is a summary outline of WLA 2020 – A Vision A Plan. It is essentially our action plan for moving WLA forward.

What an exciting time to be part of the WLA family! It is our prayer that through God’s strength we continue to be a light shining in this sin-darkened world, and that we continue to provide a legacy for our students to truly love WLA for four years, and live it for a lifetime.