Advisor: Miss Alissa Ambroso
The Viking Council members, chosen by both popular vote and faculty input, are the representatives of their class.  The Council may propose changes on school policies and carry out the daily functions of the student body, such as activities and projects. 

The 2021-22 Viking Council

Viking Council Spring Semester Mission Offering Progress

The Spring 2022 mission offering will be given to the Native American (Apache) mission. The offering is taken in chapel and through the WLA Tetelestai Cafe.

The Student Council is not only school focused, but community focused. Each quarter, the Student Council organizes a community service event or activity. It plans and executes the Frosty Formal dance, the Freshmen Lock-In, spirit weeks, and various student activities throughout the school year.    

Each semester, the Student Council selects a mission to support- whether locally, domestically, or internationally. The semester’s chapel offerings and the profits from the Tetelestai Cafe grow that mission offering.  

The Student Council Senior Leadership and the Student Council representatives look forward to planning more activities and events for the students this year!