2021-2022 School Year Information

New Students: Read the information below to find out about the WLA Chromebook program. The basics have been condensed into the Frequently Asked Questions section below, but it is a good idea to read through the WLA Chromebook Handbook, link found below. You need to turn in a signed copy of the Chromebook Agreement on your orientation day. You can find it on page 9 of the Handbook, or download it here.

Important Documents

View the entire WLA Acceptable Use Policy here. This includes all of the policies about network and computer access as well as privacy expectations for WLA users and guests. By using the WLA network and devices, you agree to this document.

View the entire WLA Chromebook Handbook here. This includes all the policies about Chromebook check out, check in, use, repairs, and insurance. A short summary of this document is below.

Please read through the Chromebook Handbook and return a printed, signed copy of the Chromebook agreement (Part E, Page 9) on your orientation day. These will also be accepted at the yearly athletic meeting and can be dropped off or mailed to the office at anytime.

Chromebook Frequently Asked Questions

Each year, WLA issues a Chromebook to each student. This brings a whole new host of opportunities to the students and teachers at WLA! It also brings a number of questions from students and parents. 

Why am I getting a Chromebook?
WLA issues Chromebooks to all students in order to meet the growing technology needs in the classroom. WLA students will be able to use them throughout the school day for educational purposes and take it home for school and personal use.

Who owns the Chromebook?
WLA owns the device during all four years it is in use. This, we hope, will prevent an unnecessary financial burden to families who may not be able to purchase or maintain a device.

Can I use my own device instead?
Students are welcome to use personal devices before and after the school day as long as the use conforms to the WLA Acceptable Use Policy. In the classroom, however, a WLA-issued Chromebook will be expected instead of a personal device.

What do my teachers expect me to do?
This device is checked out to you and you are expected to care for it. This includes handling the device in such a way so not break it. Each day you will need to take your Chromebook home, charge it, and bring it back the following day. Charging stations will be available at school, but you may not be able to charge and use a device at the same time.

Should you forget your device at home or not charge it, temporary devices will be available to check out from the WLA Technology Resource Center (The Shipyard) at $3 per day. If you are not able to use your device because it is being repaired, a temporary device will be checked out to you at no charge.

What privacy should I expect on my device?
As all devices are WLA owned, students should expect no privacy on the device. Devices are subject to inspection at any time by the WLA Technology Department or by WLA Administration. WLA does monitor device usage both on and off campus. Students are welcome to use the device for personal use outside of the classroom – such as listening to music, watching movies on Netflix or Hulu, browsing social media, taking pictures, video chatting, etc. – but inappropriate use of these services may result in disciplinary action.

What if I need help or if it breaks?
WLA has created a Technology Resource Center (called The Shipyard) for you! If your device is not working because of normal wear and tear, WLA will fix it free of charge. If damage occurs because of an accident, such as a drop, spill, or hardship, the repair will be completed by WLA for the cost of the replacement part(s) plus a $5.00 maintenance fee. Students can pay with cash, check, or credit card. Repair fees can also be assessed to a student’s TADS account by the WLA business office. If a device is completely destroyed, lost, or stolen, the full replacement cost of the device will be charged. WLA is not responsible for lost or stolen devices, though it does have theft recovery software installed on each device to help aid in recovery. Repairs may only be completed by WLA – no third party may repair devices. Insurance is offered by WLA for accidental damage, loss, and theft.  See the WLA Chromebook Handbook for more information.

Can I keep my Chromebook?
WLA will allow students to keep the device over the summer. The Technology Help Desk will be available one day per week in the summer for any repairs needed. WLA students will have the option to purchase the device upon leaving WLA, and the cost is determined by the age of the device. See the WLA Chromebook Handbook for more details.

When do I get my Chromebook?
WLA will be issuing Chromebooks during each orientation day. You will receive a Chromebook and a charger. WLA will also be offering for purchase earbuds, carrying cases, and wireless mice. Payment may be made via cash, check, or credit card. You do not need to purchase these items from WLA, but earbuds or headphones will be a required school supply. To help protect your device from damage, a backpack with a padded laptop sleeve is recommended if you do not choose to purchase a protective sleeve or bag from WLA.

Earbuds, carrying cases, mice, and AA/AAA batteries will be available for purchase throughout the year from WLA in The Shipyard.