ShopWithScrip has rebranded to RaiseRight. Here are some FAQs!
Scrip is available for purchase at WLA on Wednesdays, from 12:00-6:00.  During the school day, enter through Door 5 on Merrill Ave. Be prepared to show your ID. After 2:45, enter through Door 1 on the north side of the building.
Printable WLA Scrip Order Form

To order WLA Downloadable Scrip Online please go to and either email or call the office at 920-921-4930 to receive the enrollment code.

Enroll – RaiseRight
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The SCRIP program at WLA allows families to build funds toward tuition at WLA.  A percentage of each scrip card sale is given back to WLA and to the family making the purchase.

Our SCRIP coordinator is Kristen Bendix.  Please contact her with any questions.