Winnebago Lutheran Academy exists to glorify God by nurturing the growth of every student to live as Christ’s child within their families, congregations, and communities.
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What will you find at Winnebago Lutheran Academy?

gi1You will find an excellent and well-rounded high school education in the Lutheran Tradition — solidly based on a firm trust in Jesus Christ, our only Savior from sin.

Graduating seniors from WLA are well prepared to pursue college or technical school education beyond high school. WLA graduates who want to enter called service as pastors or teachers are well prepared for admission to the WELS School of Ministry at Martin Luther College. WLA offers individual guidance to help your student select and prepare for a college or a career.

WLA Students have an average ACT score of 22.7 to 23.9 — higher than the state average of 20 to 22. (Wisconsin is among the highest-scoring states in the nation on the ACT.)

WLA offers a wide range of extra-curricular activities, including Sports, Music, Theatre , Forensics, student organizations, and student events that exist to pique the interests of any student.

The teen years are filled with challenges to a young person’s values and faith. At WLA, The promises of Christ is at the heart of every class and every activity. Students learn to examine and face life’s problems in the light of the Law and Gospel. Here, students are nurtured spiritually,intellectually, and physically. Here, Christian faith is practiced and celebrated in the classroom, on the athletic field, and in all activities.

What will you take with you when you leave Winnebago Lutheran Academy?

gi2WLA Alumni leave the halls of our school with a strong academic education, preparation for good citizenship, and the ability to apply the lessons of God’s Word to everyday challenges and decisions.

Students at WLA are not immune from the ordinary temptations of being a teenager. They don’t always make the right decisions or the best decisions, but WLA students have a crucial advantage: They are learning life’s lessons in a caring, forgiving Christian atmosphere. They are learning to apply the lessons of the Gospel to day-to-day issues and decisions.

During these difficult, formative years, students at WLA are surrounded by peers and teachers who share a strong and active faith in Christ Jesus. Each and every lesson and each and every accomplishment is recognized as a gift from God.

Students grow in Christian understanding and in the ability to be witnesses of the Lord Jesus Christ. “Value-based education” is a buzzword in schools today. As a parent, you must ask yourself, “Whose values will my children learn in school?”For Christian parents, Christ-centered high school education makes more sense than ever.

WLA Schools

WLA Schools was developed to emphasize the relationship between our Lutheran Elementary Schools and Winnebago Lutheran Academy. The essential tie between these schools is the Christ-centered education that is offered at all of our Christian Sunday Schools, pre-schools, child care centers, elementary schools, and our high school.

This pre-K – 12 relationship allows our association to provide a solid educational system for all our youth. This educational association has fourteen Lutheran elementary schools, spread out over a 50 mile radius from Fond du Lac and WLA. This area extends from St. Matthew’s, Iron Ridge to the south; St. John’s, Montello to the west; Martin Luther, Oshkosh to the north, and St. Paul’s, Town Forest to the east. The states of Illinois, Minnesota, Ohio and Florida have also been represented.

The goal of WLA Schools is to build a cooperative association of teachers, administrations, students, families, and local communities. This connection with our families and their communities will provide a stronger avenue for sharing and offering a Christ-centered education.

WLA Schools exists to not only bring awareness of Christian secondary education but also grade school and pre-school education and child care to Fond du Lac and the local communities in which these schools are located.

We encourage and invite you to learn more about the WLA Schools and what they have to offer.

Winnebago Lutheran Academy
Grace – Oshkosh
Faith – Fond du Lac
Martin Luther – Oshkosh
Peace – Green Lake
Redeemer – Fond du Lac
St. John’s – Fox Lake
St. Luke’s – Oakfield
St. Paul’s – North Fond du Lac
St. John’s – Lomira
St. Matthew’s – Iron Ridge
St. John’s – Montello
St. Peter’s – Fond du Lac
St. Paul’s – Mt. Calvary
Waucousta Lutheran – Campbellsport