Frequently Asked Questions

Whom do I contact about…
I have concerns about incidents at school? Start with a teacher you would feel comfortable talking to, then Pastor Wright, the Vice-Principal, then Mr. Dave Schroeder. the Principal.
I have concerns about my students’ academic performance? First your student’s teacher, then his/her home room teacher, then the Learning Coordinator, Miss Kathy Wilsmann.
I have concerns about Finances or Financial Aid? Eric Schraufnagel, the Business Manager.
I need to express, praise, or vent general frustrations? First Pastor Wright, the Vice Principal, then Mr. Dave Schroeder the Principal.
I have a concern regarding a teacher? First the teacher you have a concern about, then the homeroom teacher, then Pastor Wright, the Vice-Principal,  then Mr. Dave Schroeder, the Principal.
I have concerns regarding a coach? First the coach, then the head coach, then the Activities Director, Mr. Brad Bendix.

Who is in charge of Bus Transportation?

Bussing is available to students residing within school districts of Fond du Lac or North Fond du Lac at no cost. Contact your school district office for more information.

WLA has three routes that transport students to WLA from outside of Fond du Lac.  These routes each have a parent group that finalizes bus stops and times.  There is a cost to ride each of these routes.  For specifics on the route – contact one of the officers below.

1. Oshkosh Bus Route – Route Contact,  Erich Busse – – (920) 233-1413
2. Iron Ridge Bus Route – Route Contact,  JoAnn Gromowski –
3. Campbellsport/West Bend Route – Route Contact, Colleen Maas –  – (262) 339-8101

Families also may contact Business Manager Eric Schraufnagel ( with questions.