Roles and Obligations of the Winnebago Lutheran Academy Technology Department:
It is the policy of Winnebago Lutheran Academy to maintain an environment that promotes ethical and responsible conduct in all online network activities by staff and students. It shall be a violation of this policy for any employee, student, or other individual to engage in any activity that does not conform to the established purpose and general rules and policies of the network. Within this general policy, Winnebago Lutheran Academy recognizes its legal, ethical, but most of all, its spiritual obligation to protect the well-being of students in its charge. To this end, Winnebago Lutheran Academy retains the following rights and recognizes the following obligations:

1. To log network use and to monitor fileserver space utilization by users, and assume no responsibility or liability for files deleted due to violation of fileserver space allotments.
2. To remove or suspend a user account on the network.
3. To monitor the use of online activities. This may include real-time monitoring of network activity and/or maintaining a log of Internet activity for later review.
4. To provide internal and external controls as appropriate and feasible. Such controls shall include the right to determine who will have access to Winnebago Lutheran Academy-owned equipment and networks, and, specifically, to exclude those who do not abide by the Winnebago Lutheran Academy’s acceptable use policy or other policies governing the use of school facilities, equipment, and materials. Winnebago Lutheran Academy reserves the right to restrict online destinations through software or other means.
5. To provide guidelines and make reasonable efforts to train staff and students in acceptable use and policies governing online communications.

Computers are available to students before and after school in the Media Center. Students may also use a computer during a study hall pending availability with a written note/pass from their instructor. Students are responsible for the care and upkeep of the device they use. Any damage to or loss of the device will come at the responsibility of the student and his/her guardian. Computer labs are not to be used without the supervision of a WLA Staff member.

Student Devices – Acceptable Use
1. Students may possess and use personal electronic devices before 7:55, during their lunch hour, after the school day is finished, and during passing times in the school day. Students may use cell phones during the school day in the office with the permission of a staff member.
2. All student-owned devices are to be turned off and put away during the school day unless required by a teacher at the teacher’s discretion. Misuse of the device may result in its confiscation and disciplinary action. If a device is confiscated it will be delivered to the office. The first offense will cost the student five dollars to get it back, any offense after will cost ten dollars.
3. 3G/4G LTE enabled devices operated during the day must be connected to the WLA wireless network for internet. Failure to do so may result in the device being confiscated and disciplinary action. Students may not use their device as a wireless/Bluetooth hotspot or tether other devices to it in order to circumvent WLA policies.
4. WLA Faculty and Staff will respect the privacy of student devices.
5. WLA Faculty and Staff are prohibited from repairing student device hardware or software.
6. Students and parents are responsible for the care, upkeep, operation, and safety of personal devices. WLA will not be responsible for lost or stolen devices.
7. No person may use a cell phone in the restrooms or the locker room.

Acceptable Use Policy – WLA Wired and Wireless Network
1. The Winnebago Lutheran Academy Network is first and foremost for educational purposes. Student, Staff and Guest use of this network for entertainment or non-educational purposes may result in being blocked from the network, having a device confiscated, and/or disciplinary action.
2. You must sign in to the wireless network to use it. Logging in with another person’s user name may result in disciplinary action.
3. As stated above, the first and foremost purpose of the network is educational use. While many non-educational sites are available for student use, WLA reserves the right to block, throttle, or monitor use of the network for non-educational purposes in order to give educational resources a priority.
4. The network must be used appropriately. Failure to do so may result in you and your device being blocked from the network, your device being confiscated, and/or disciplinary action. The following are actions considered inappropriate for the WLA network:

  • Intentionally damaging or destroying data
  • Using a name other than your own
  • Sending or receiving obscene or sinful material
  • Engaging in illegal or unchristian activities
  • Any action that can harm, reduce the functionality of, or disable the network
  • Any action deemed inappropriate by the administration or network administrator