Advisor: Mrs. Barb Zahn
Art Club is a place where students can meet to learn new techniques, share ideas, explore art museums, work on their own artwork and encourage each other in their artistic endeavors. Any student of WLA in good academic standing may join Art Club. students do not need to be present at every meeting to be a member. This is being offered as a place for students to gather to work on art, outside of a formal class. Students do not need to be enrolled in Art classes to attend.
Art club meets once a month after school, after Flex time, in the Art Room (room 116). We will try to wrap things up by 4:30. In an effort to encourage and broaden a student’s art experience, one “field trip” per quarter is also being considered. This will usually be to an Art Museum and then out for a bite to eat. This will take place on either a Saturday or Sunday.
All Art Club members will be made aware of this ahead of time so that they can plan accordingly. Student’s input to this is encouraged. Listen for announcements as to when the meetings will take place.
Many students outside of the school setting work on their own artwork. We hope that through Art Club this would create an environment where students could come to be creative and be encouraged to learn more about art.