“The LORD is with me” – Psalm 118:6



WLA Anchor

The Arrow. The NOW. For years these publications have brought news from Winnebago Lutheran Academy to Association members and alumni. We are restarting this publication as the Anchor. With this new name we recognize our past and look to the future connected to the anchor for the soul, our hope found in Jesus. We hope you enjoy this publication. We hope it brings fond memories and encourages support for our mission: to glorify God by nurturing the growth of every student to live as Christ’s child within their families, congregations, and communities.

WLA Anchor, Winter 2018

WLA Anchor, Summer 2018


The White and Blue Report

Welcome to the White and Blue Report. Our goal is to give you a fresh look at the Winnebago Lutheran Academy sports scene as well as a deeper dive into the games the Vikings play.

This site will let you in on the games, but also honor past WLA greats and memorable seasons. It will feature profiles of WLA athletes and coaches who you might want to know more about. You’ll find all of that here.