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General Information

What will you find at WLA?

A strong and well-rounded high school education in the Lutheran Tradition — solidly based on a firm trust in Jesus Christ, our only Savior from sin.

Graduating seniors who are well prepared to pursue college or technical school education beyond high school. WLA graduates who want to enter called service as pastors or teachers are well prepared for admission to the WELS School of Ministry at Martin Luther College.

Individual guidance to help your student select and prepare for a college or a career.

Students whose ACT scores average 22.7 to 23.9 — higher than the state average of 20 to 22. (Wisconsin is among the highest-scoring states in the nation on the ACT.)

A wide range of extra-curricular activities, including sports, music, drama, forensics, student organizations, and student events.

The Teen years are filled with challenges to a young person's values and faith. At WLA, trust in Christ is at the heart of every class and every activity. Students learn to examine and face life's problems in the light of the Law and Gospel.

Here, students are nurtured spiritually and intellectually. Here, Christian faith is practiced and celebrated in the classroom, on the athletic field, and in all activities.

What will you take with you when you leave WLA?

A strong academic education, preparation for good citizenship, and the ability to apply the lessons of God's Word to everyday challenges and decisions.

Students at WLA are not immune from the ordinary temptations of being a teenager. They don't always make the right decisions or the best decisions.

But WLA students have a crucial advantage. They are learning life's lessons in a caring, forgiving Christian atmosphere. They are learning to apply the lessons of the Gospel to day-to-day issues and decisions.

During these difficult, formative years, students at WLA are surrounded by peers and teachers who share a strong and active faith in Christ Jesus. Each and every lesson and each and every accomplishment is recognized as a gift from God.

Students grow in Christian understanding and in the ability to be witnesses of the Lord Jesus Christ.

"Value-based education" is a buzzword in schools today. As a parent, you must ask yourself:

"Whose values will my children learn in school?"

For Christian parents, Christ-centered high school education makes more sense than ever.

Academics at WLA

WLA offers good academic preparation for four-year colleges, technical college, or post-high-school employment.

65% of WLA graduates have gone on to college. Another 25% have enrolled in technical college.

For students who want to enter called service as pastors or teachers, WLA offers courses designed to prepare the student fully for entry to Martin Luther College. About 12% of our graduates enter MLC.

WLA offers classes to meet the needs of all students, regardless of ability. The curriculum includes a wide variety of electives to help students broaden their horizons and prepare for higher education or careers.

The core curriculum, required for all WLA students, includes Religion, English, Mathematics, Social Studies, Science, Physical Education/Health, and Music.

Electives include Foreign Language (Latin, Spanish, or German), Choir, Band, Computer-Assisted Drafting & Design (CADD), Art, Sewing, Foods, Speech, Life Sports, and other academic and non-academic courses.

Advanced electives include Calculus, Physics, Anatomy/Physiology, Spanish III, Latin IV, and Tech Music. Advanced Placement English offers qualified students an opportunity to earn college credit.

Two Computer Labs contain more than 50 PCs and the Media Center and study hall contain additional computers for students to use. The music lab contains 10 MAC computers and the CADD lab has 12 computers for students to learn drafting skills. All WLA students are taught computer keyboard skills.

The WLA Curriculum Committee—made up of teachers, administrators, and parents—monitors trends in curriculum development and works with teachers to upgrade our course offerings as needed.

Extra-Curricular Activities


Sports — The Vikings

For Boys — football, soccer, cross-country, basketball, wrestling, baseball, golf, and track

For Girls — volleyball, cross-country, basketball, soccer, softball, track, cheerleading, and dance squad

For Both — comprehensive weight-training and conditioning programs

Wisconsin Fly-Way Conference includes 9 schools in the Fond du Lac area. WLA is also a member in good standing of the Wisconsin Interscholastic Athletic Association (WIAA).


Band is a vibrant and active part of school life.

The Brass Choir, Percussion Ensemble, Concert Band, and WLA Blues/Jazz Band perform at concerts throughout the school year.

The Pep Band and Marching Band add excitement and school spirit to athletic events and local parades.

Band students at WLA can join the Lutheran Vanguard of Wisconsin (LVW), a summer marching band made up of students from eight Lutheran high schools. LVW has been recognized as one of the best marching bands in the United States.


Choir electives include Freshmen Choir (Class C), Viking Choir (Class B), Traveling Choir (Class A), Academy Kids, and Tech Music.

The Traveling Choir represents WLA by singing at each of the congregations in the WLA Association. Each year, the Traveling Choir performs at 13-15 of the 41 Association churches.

The Academy Kids perform in concerts at WLA and appear as ambassadors at Fond du Lac area events, service clubs, and corporate functions.

WLA students compete each year in the Wisconsin School Music Association' s (WSMA) Solo, Ensemble, and Concert Festivals.


The WLA Forensics Team includes Freshmen through Seniors. Team members are selected through tryouts in early January and competition begins in February.

Highlights of the year include the Lutheran Invitational Forensics Tournament and the State Forensics Tournament.


Our students stage two productions each year, one in the fall and one in the spring. Auditions are open to all WLA students. Past productions have included:

Musicals —  Annie, Schoolhouse Rock Live

Spring Plays — 12 Angry Jurors, The Beverly Hillbillies

Children's Theater — Winnie the Pooh, Magic Flute

Other Student Activities

Quiz Bowl


Student Council

Viking Volunteers

Teacher/Pastor Recruitment

Math Team


Junior Prom

School-sponsored dances

Getting to and from WLA

WLA does not provide daily bus transportation to or from school. Car pools bring many students from outlying areas each day. Private busses operate from the Fond du Lac and North Fond du Lac districts, and some students even board with Fond du Lac area families during the school year.

WLA offers 5 different bus routes to and from WLA and the Fond du Lac area. These buses transport students to/from:
1. Oshkosh
2. Iron Ridge/Mayville/Lomira
3. Campbellsport/Dundee
4. Princeton/Green Lake/Ripon
5. Plymouth/Mt. Calvary

Bus transportation from the school to athletic events and some other school activities is provided as well.


Come and visit WLA!

The best way for you to learn about WLA is to visit us, talk with our faculty and students, and see for yourself what WLA has to offer.

For 8th-Graders who want to learn more about WLA, there are special Visitation Days during the school year.

If your child is a current or prospective students at WLA, we encourage you to visit and observe on any regular school days.

Call ahead to let us know you are coming, at (920) 921-4930.


What does it cost to attend WLA?

WLA is funded by a combination of gifts from congregations in the WLA Association, gifts from individuals, and student tuition and fees. Tuition pays about 72% of WLA's operating budget; congregations 23%; other income 5%.

Tuition and fees for the 2014-2015 school year totaled about $5225 per student - including book rental. Families with more than one student enrolled at WLA receive a multi-student discount. 

Tuition can be paid:

1. As a single payment, due on or before August 1, prior to the start of the school year;

2. Through FACTS - monthly installments paid through automatic deductions from your savings or checking account.

3. By semester to the WLA office: 1st semester payment is due on August 15th and 2nd semester payment is due on January 15th.

Call the WLA office for more information.

Is Financial Aid Available?

Yes. WLA offers financial aid grants to reduce the cost of tuition. This aid is not a loan and does not have to be repaid. Funds are provided by the WLA Endowment Fund and from special gifts to the WLA Tuition Assistance Fund.

Who is Eligible?

Financial aid is available to any WLA student, Freshman through Senior, who is a member of a WELS congregation within the WLA Association. Students must apply for aid and grants are based on financial need.

How do I apply for Financial Aid?

Financial Aid applications can be picked up in the WLA office or submitted online. Applications are submitted through FACTS, and are due by April 20th. A $30 fee will be paid to FACTS to submit the application.

WLA has submitted an application to the Wisconsin Parental Choice Program for the 2014-15 school year. Families applying for financial assistance must also complete the WPCP application. Deadline for family applications is April 20th.

Is there other Financial Aid Available?

Your congregation may offer financial aid for WLA students. Check with your pastor.

Christian education doesn't cost. It Pays!

Cost is a real issue for families who choose to send their teens to WLA. Paying tuition for one or more students at WLA is a significant financial commitment. It is also an investment in your child's future. An education at WLA builds on the Christ-centered foundation laid by parents.

Limited financial assistance is available to help reduce the burden on families. However, if you plan to send your children to a Lutheran high school the best approach is to begin saving early, so your plans can become reality.

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