"The LORD is with me" - Psalm 118:6

Civics & American Government – SOC1019
Grade Level:  9
One Semester Course:  0.5 Credit
Prerequisites:  None
Course Description:  A one-semester course in the basic principles of democracy and their application to the United States’ government.  The basic operations of the US government will be explored, primarily on the national level, and contemporary topics affecting the government will be debated by the students.  Most importantly, the role of  the Christian in God’s two kingdoms will be explored.

World Geography – SOC1008
Grade Level: 9
Three One-semester courses:  0.5 Credit each
Prerequisites:  World History & US History
Course Description:  An elective course designed to introduce the student to the basics of physical and cultural geography, and specifically to the geography of the United States, Canada, and Europe.

American History – SOC1003
Grade Level:  
Full Year Course: 
1.0 Credit
World History
Course Description:
 American History is an overview of the history of the United States from the age of exploration to the present. In Semester I we will cover early American history from the Atlantic World to Expansionism. In Semester II, we will cover the Progressive Movement to the Present.

World History – SOC1010
Grade Level: 11
Full Year Course:  1.0 Credit
Prerequisites:  none
Course Description:  World History is the study of the history of the world from creation to the present. God, as the author of history, has written “HIS story.”  The Christian will see God’s hand in history, understand how much God has cared for his children throughout time, and see how God has used history to spread the good news of salvation.

Consumer Economics – SOC1028
Grade Level: 
One Semester Course:
  0.5 credit
Course Description: 
God blesses us richly with many gifts including money and opportunities. How should a person use these gifts to the glory of God?  This hands-on course attempts to advise students regarding life-long money management decisions.  We will discuss student’s options and the “how tos” of investing, vehicle and home purchasing, getting married, budgeting, insurance, retirement planning, taxes, establishing credit, beginning a career, etc. for the purpose of preparing each student to function as informed Christian consumers.

Sociology – SOC1027
Grade  Level:  11-12
One or Two semester course:  0.5 Credit per semester
Prerequisites:  Government, Geography, US History, and World History (May be concurrent)
Course Description:  Sociology is a semester or full-year elective course for juniors and seniors providing a basic understanding of the society in which they live. This study of American society and culture will be based on a Christian perspective of sin and grace throughout the topics studied in the course. These topics will include: sociological perspectives; culture and social structures; social inequality; and social institutions, such as family, education, religion, and sport. The Christian student will be challenged and motivated by the Gospel of Jesus Christ to live as a redeemed child of God in a world which basically ignores or denies Christ and his message of hope.

Intro to Psychology – SOC1016
Grade Level: 
One Semester Course: 0.5 Credit
Prerequisites: Government, Geography, US History, and World History
Course Description: Psychology is a semester elective course for college-bound seniors providing a basic understanding of human behavior.  This introductory course will be based on a Christian perspective of sin and grace throughout the topics studied in the course.  These topics will include:  approaches to psychology; brain, body and awareness; human development; and personality, adjustment and conflict.  Students will be motivated by Christ’s love and forgiveness to live as redeemed children of God in a world which mostly ignores or denies Christ and his message of hope.

Honors Sociology – SOC2009
Grade Level: 12
Full Year Course: .5 Credit
Prerequisites: World History, US History
Course Description: Sociology is concerned with the contexts of human action: systems of beliefs and values, the patterns to which social relations conform, and the processes whereby social institutions are created, maintained, and transformed. Sociologists focus on a number of different levels of analysis, ranging from that of small groups to whole societies, in understanding social life. A Christian will look at the institutions with different lenses than others and that perspective will be explored. The intention in this course is to develop students’ sociological imagination and provide a broad overview of the field of Sociology.