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"Rejoice in the Lord Always!" - Philippians 4:4                               

Faculty / Staff / Board


The WLA Faculty, Staff, and Board of Directors strives to nourish young Christian men and women with God's Word in and out of the classroom, in order to provide the church and community with Christian leaders ready for any challenge.

Mr. David Schroeder


(920) 921-4930 Ext. 304

Pre Algebra
Class of 2022 Advisor

Mr. Darrell Roecker

Vice Principal

920-921-4930 Ext. 406

American History
Class of 2022 Advisor
Head Wrestling Coach

Mr. Brad Bendix

Activities Director

(920) 921-4930 Ext. 407

Intro to Physical Science
Class of 2020 Advisor

Pastor Phil Janke

Coordinator of Recruitment and Communication

(920) 921-4930 Ext. 315

Christian Doctrine

Mr. Kevin Ehlke

(920) 921-4930 Ext. 422

Director of Mission Advancement

Miss Alissa Ambroso

Social Studies Department Chair

920-921-4930 Ext. 401

Foundations of English
Intro to Psych
World Geography
Graphic Design
Viking Council Advisor

Pastor David Haag

(920) 921-4930 Ext. 402

Church History
Spanish II
Spanish III
Class of 2019 Advisor
Head Boys’ Soccer
Head Girls’Soccer

Mr. Mark Heckendorf

920-921-4930 Ext. 412

Life Time Sports
Physical Science
Boys PE

Mr. Scott Herrewig

English Department Head

(920) 921-4920 Ext. 404

Argument and Debate
English 10
American Lit
AP English
Forensics Coach
Class of 2022 Advisor

Mrs. Amanda Henry

920-921-4930 Ext.

Girls' Phy Ed

Mr. Donald Kerr

(920) 921-4930 Ext. 312

Architectural Design
Cabinet Making
Construction Trades
Intro. Woods
Mechanical Drafting
Small Engines Technology
Class of 2019 Advisor
Cross Country Coach
Assist Track

Mrs. Abigail Kurth

Director of Bands

920-921-4930 Ext. 309

Viking Band
Instrumental Music Ensembles
WLA Schools Band Program

Mrs. Kris Miller

(920) 921-4930 Ext. 313

Class of 2019 Advisor
Assist Volleyball

Mr. Travis Kretsch

Social Studies

920-921-4930 Ext. 423

World History
Consumer Economics

Mr. Justin Liepert

Technology Coordinator

(920) 921-4930 Ext. 338

Computer Maintenance
Introduction to Technology
Literary Criticism
Film & Drama
Theatre Director
Head Forensics
Class of 2020 Advisor

Mrs. Kristin Mose

International Student Coordinator

(920) 921-4930 Ext. 425

German I
German II
German III
Spanish I
Varsity Cheerleading

Mrs. Laurel Papenfuss

920-920-4930 Ext.

Class of 2021 Advisor

Mr. Jamie Roecker

(920) 921-4920 Ext. 329

English 10
Foundations English
World Literature
Head Varsity Volleyball Coach
Assistant Wrestling Coach
Class of 2022 Advisor

Miss Ann Steffen

(920) 921-4930 Ext. 314

English 9
Honors Sociology
Assist Track
Assist Volleyball

Mr. Paul Thiesfeldt

Math Department Head

(920) 921-4930 Ext. 411

Algebra I
Algebra II
Class of 2021 Advisor
Meet Math
Assist Girl's Soccer

Mr. Riley Westphal

Science Department Head

(920) 921-4930 Ext. 322

AP Chemistry
Class of 2021 Advisor
Head Softball

Mr. Dale Witte

Fine Arts Department Head

(920) 921-4930 Ext. 310

Music Theory
Concert Choir
Traveling Choir
Music Tech
New Testament
Class of 2022 Advisor
Academy Kids

Mrs. Barb Zahn

(part time)

(920) 921-4930 Ext. 417

English as a Second Language
Art 1

Pastor Rick Zahn

Religion Department Head

(920) 921-4930 Ext. 418

New Testament
Latin I
Assistant Football Coach


Gail Bates

Office Manager

(920) 921-4930 Ext. 327

Emily Bilitz

Registrar, Guidance & AP Coordinator

(920)921-4930 Ext. 307

Derreck Nelleson

Evening Custodian

920-921-4930 Ext.

Tonia Nebl

Part Time Admin . Assistant

(920) 921-4930 Ext. 301

Denise Meyer

Kitchen Staff Head

(920) 921-4930 Ext. 318

Jeffry Isom

Facilities Manager

(920) 921-4930 Ext. 311

John Orvis


(920) 921-4930 Ext.

Eric Schraufnagel

Business Manager

(920) 921-4930 Ext. 409

Julie Waldschmidt

Part Time Admin. Assistant

(920) 921-4930 Ext. 302

Darrell Roecker, Vice Principal Redeemer, Fond du Lac
Lay Member Kevin Loehr Faith, Fond du Lac
Chairman Dan Loest Faith, Fond du Lac
Lay Member Dennis O’Connor St. John, Lomira
Lay Member Jerry Trapp Peace, Green Lake
Pastor James Borgwardt Redeemer, Fond du lac
Dave Schroeder, Principal Faith, Fond du Lac
Eric Schraufnagel, Business Manager Redeemer, Fond du Lac
Brad Bendix, Activities Director Redeemer, Fond du Lac
Teacher Tim Zunker Faith, Fond du Lac
Pastor Chadwick Graham Grace, Oshkosh
Pastor Aaron Odya St. Peter, Eldorado and Zion, Van Dyne
Lay Member Tom Pollack Grace, Oshkosh
Teacher John Schlavensky St. John, Fox Lake
Lay Member Matt Schmitz St. Peter, Fond du Lac