"The LORD is with me" - Psalm 118:6

Join the Victors

What is a Victor? IMG_7646

Being a Victor celebrates our WLA heritage as well as the victory of salvation that is ours through faith in Christ Jesus. You become a Victor when you have an automatic withdrawal set up to support WLA.

What is 475 for 475?

In an effort to ensure that Winnebago Lutheran Academy at 475 E. Merrill Ave. can carry out its ministry for both current students and for future generations, our goal is to enroll 475 members over a three year period in electronic giving.

Your gifts can be directed to student aid, debt reduction, endowment, or greatest need.

You Choose…
  • the amount that you wish to donate each month
  • the date you want the withdrawal to take place
  • the area of ministry you would like to support.
top 10Enrolling benefits…
  • You! Your gifts are tax deductible and you help carry out the mission of WLA.
  • WLA! More predictable income will aid in our mission to train young adults for life rooted in God’s Word.
  • Students! Knowing that people like you care enough to support them in receiving a Christ-centered education.

How do I join?

Join electronically by clicking here or download the paper form and mail it to Winnebago Lutheran Academy, 475 E Merrill Ave, Fond du Lac, WI 54935.

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